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This Organization was established in the City of Jacksonville Florida, on the 26th day of November 1984, by and under the auspices of Elder Ethel L Washington, Founder. Elder Emanuel Washington, Jr. Earline Stanley, Lorita Y. Johnson and Deacon Samuel Peterson were the founding Body.


Since the day the organization was established it has outgrown 2 buildings and acquired properties both Jacksonville and Greenville, FL.  In Jacksonville we are only two lots away from owning the entire block where the church headquarters resides.  The vision is on the way and is set to include a multi acre retreat in Greenville, FL for church Pastors and leaders to go and be ministered to and refreshed. 


The vision also includes a school, bible college and daycare.  The Mighty Church of the Redeemed was established to be a hospital for God’s people.  They will come in sick and leave healed spiritually, mentally and physically.  And the vision will enable us to minister to man’s body soul and spirit.  It was prophesied that people would fly in from all around the world and as soon as they set foot on the grounds they would be healed.  Understanding that the vision will long outlive the visionary the organized body of The Mighty Church of the Redeemed is ready to move into the next phase of the vision. 

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