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Elder Emanual Washington Jr. was born September 12 in Shellman Georgia, the first born son of Emanuel Sr and Mozell Washington. Pastor Washington attended and graduated from  Shellman Vocational High School. After graduation he moved to Jacksonville, FL. In November 1966 Emanuel was saved and Holy Ghost filled and little did he know that God was preparing him to become the Sheppard and Bishop of many souls. In March 1967 Emanuel married his beautiful bride Ethel and several years later 2 children were born of this union, Emanuel Washington and Ruth Sheanerren Washington. In July 1967 he was drafted into the United States army and was sent to Vietnam in November of 1967. He served in Vietnam until November 1968. In July of 1969 Emanuel was discharged from the Army and returned home with several honors and medals. Upon his return home he continued his education attending Florida Jr. College. He finished his studies in Auto Mechanics and Welding.


Overseer Emanuel Washington has been a strong supporter, believer and often times the driving force that helps keep the vision alive. He was the co-pastor to his wife Pastor Ethel Washington for many years until her passing in July of 2010. Since then Elder Emanuel Washington has been the Pastor and driving force behind the ministry he helped pioneer with his wife. He continues to preach the message f salvation and deliverance and points God’s people towards living a holy life. Pastor  Emanuel Washington is a man of God-Given wisdom and infuses Gods people with the knowledge and power they need in order to live for Christ in these last and evil days.



The design of this great church is to equip the saints of God with power and dominion on earth and to bring God Glory and Honor. The Mighty Church of the Redeemed is a Deliverance Ministry that is purposed to encourage and feed the spirit-man with the word of God and the truth of righteousness. Our design teaches the saints to put on the whole armor of God (Eph. 6:11-17), pray, fast and trust in the promises of God.


As a deliverance ministry, our mission is to win souls for Jesus Christ, help those in need of deliverance and aid those who are weighted down. Our design was created by God and our mission is to maintain his standard of holiness. “Build them up, to send then out, to bring them in”


Our Purpose is to go forth spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to all. We teach that it is important to live holy, learn the word of God and let your light shine in a world of darkness. Our vision is to serve as a “Spiritual Hospital” for those who are sick and afflicted. We are a full deliverance ministry operating in every spiritual gift that Jesus Christ has bestowed upon the body of Christ. (1 cor. 12). Our final destination is heaven. Everything we teach and preach is pointing God’s people to the cross.


“I’m not trying to pack out the church; I’m trying to pack out heaven”

Dr. Emanuel Washington.

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